CTCYM Weekly Prayer Focus



Weekly Prayer Focus

April 22, 2019 marks the beginning of our Weekly Prayer Focus project for CTCYM 2019. One of the most valuable ways of assisting CTCYM is in prayer. We would like to invite you to share each week’s prayer focus with anyone who you believe will also like being part of this beautiful preparation for the mission trips this summer. The prayers are numbered for the weeks preceding the trip(s). Several prayers repeat; this is because we wish to pray for all involved in both the June and the July trips.
Some suggested ways you can be involved: 
  • Download/Print the CTCYM Weekly Prayer Focus Guide
  • Pray daily!
  • Share our Weekly Prayer Focus project with others (your congregation, your pastor, your mentors, your friends and family, community, social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) 
  • Send a note to a CTCYM participant, a Youth Group, or Youth Director telling them you are praying for them!
  • Print off enough copies for every family to take home with them.
  • If your church uses slides during Worship/Announcements, give them the text of the prayer each week to use during Worship.
  • Text the prayer to your students and parents/guardians each week.
  • Publish the prayer in your church/youth newsletter each week.


Be sure to "like" the CTCYM Facebook page for notifications on weekly prayers!