CTCYM Living Centers


The CTCYM Living Center will be your home away from home for the week. Your group will join with other youth groups to sleep, eat and worship together. The lifelong relationships you create with the people you meet at your Living Center will be matched only by the relationship you build with God. Each evening will be filled with great food, fun activities, spirit-filled worship and time to rest.






Participants will live for the week in a CTCYM Living Center set up in a local church, school or community center. Lodging will include space set up for boys and for girls, a common dining area and a place to worship together. Sleeping will usually be on the floor of a classroom which is why it is important to bring an air mattress or cot to make your stay comfortable. Showers will be available at the end of each work day. These may be onsite or at another location depending on the facilities available at the Living Center.

Your group will find out the specific location of your Living Center in the spring of 2019. For the June 2019 Senior High and Combination Trips, the Living Centers will be spread throughout the Gulf Coast (Texas and Lousiana), and the July 2019 Junior High and Combination Living Centers will be throughout the communities in our very own Central Texas Conference.

Where are we going in 2019?

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