Many groups don’t have a separate budget for mission trips, but by sharing the experience with others, groups can raise the necessary funds to serve. A few ideas for fundraising are listed here. Additionally, you may wish to visit the CTC Young People's Ministry Facebook group - a helpful forum for Group Leaders!


Youth Served Meals – occasional meals prepared and served by the youth is a simple and beneficial idea. Sell tickets or take a donation. Pancake breakfasts, fish fries, holiday chili dinners, formal Italian dinners, casserole luncheons, and picnics are all good ideas.


 Carwash – Inexpensive, fun, easy to staff, and usually successful. A tip for continued success is to find a festival, car show, or fair in your area, secure use of a nearby parking lot. Wash and park cars while they check out the event .


Stock Sales– Supporters and friends can buy a “share” in the trip. Provide ‘stock’ certificates of their importance to the trip and share the experience with a stockholder’s reception after the trip. See for more information.


Flamingo Flock – Buy several pink flamingo yard decorations and make a “Flamingo Flock” sign to go with it. People can pay the youth group to “flock” someone else’s yard or people can buy insurance to prevent having their yard “flocked.”


Sonic “Car Hop” Fundraiser – Most local Sonics will allow a local youth group to “carhop” for a day and keep all the tips earned. Contact your local Sonic.


Bake Sales – Bake sales are as effective as ever and extremely cost efficient with the youth supplying all the baked goods. Tip: check with your local Wal-Mart. Most of the time they will double your profits by matching what you make.


Youth Auction – Auction youth for one day to members of the church to do whatever labor based, humor based, or otherwise helpful tasks are asked of them.


“Parent’s Night Out” babysitting – simple and effective, use church nursery and Sunday school classrooms, get all youth involved. Younger children truly enjoy the undivided attention given by youth. This is especially popular around the holidays to allow parents to do their Christmas shopping or to celebrate New Year’s Eve. A New Year’s Eve sleepover is a great service to provide, and you can charge a flat rate per child for a 12-14 hour period. Make it a “party” atmosphere for the kids, with games, decorations and fun food.


 Sub Sandwich sale – Sell sub sandwiches after church on super bowl Sunday to offer a quick solution for anyone trying to make it home to their lazy boy and TV. You can even make individual “boxed lunches” with chips, cookies, and a drink in each one.


 Krispy Kreme – The Krispy Kreme donut company offers great deals on fundraisers for youth groups.

Gift Wrapping/Wrapping Paper Sale – Wrap gifts for church members or sell wrapping paper from a dealer


Mothers Day Roses – Sell roses in honor of a mother or grandmother to be placed on the altar on Mothers Day. Sell the roses for $5 each, and buy them wholesale form any warehouse/florist like Sam’s.


Pecans – Buy pecans wholesale, package them in individual packages, then sell them for $1 per package.


Tool shower – Throw a shower for the youth before mission trip, in which the youth cook dinner and instead of money the congregation brings tools.


 Be sure to contact the CTCYM office with other fundraising ideas to share!