Delegation Digital & Social Media


The delegation has created a website to function as a central location for you to hear the things the delegation feels are important signals. While we would love to get this information to your email inbox so that you will not have to visit the site, that function is currently unavailable and so if you would like to save or mark the site as a "favorite" that might be the best way to see all the updates as they come in. 

The website will be populated with articles both created and curated by the delegation. Each "box" on the page should have a headline as well as a 100 word summary as well as a link to learn more. This is the primary tool the delegation will be using to help identify the signals though the noise. 


For those of you on Twitter, it seems the hashtag for GC is #UMCGC. In addition, you may want to follow some of the delegation members to see some of the behind the scenes thoughts and feedback that may not make it onto the website. The following are delegation members we anticipate will be active on Twitter to follow or direct message:

  • @Kbgregory13 - Kevin Gregory
  • @Ethan_7 - Ethan Gregory
  • @Minimar7 - Mary Spradlin
  • @Lccarrjr - Louis Carr
  • @Kathyezell - Kathy Exell
  • @Marianne_brown - Marianne Brown
  • @Jasonvalendy - Jason Valendy

Please know there are many more people of interest you may want to follow during GC such as:

  • @UMCGC 
  • @UMCommunication
  • @Umreporter