CTC Closely Monitoring COVID-19 Situation / Will Announce Any AC20 Date Change by Early August

The Central Texas Conference staff and Annual Conference Task Force has been closely monitoring the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation and will continue to do so, as well as listening to and following the advice and orders of local, county and state officials and the CDC as we approach the scheduled August 10th date for AC20. While there is some vital business of the conference to which we must attend, including the commissioning and ordination of clergy, the health and safety of the members of Annual Conference, our volunteers and the staffs of the conference and White’s Chapel are our priority. Alternate dates have been considered and discussed with the White’s Chapel team should it become evident that we will be unable to safely meet on Aug. 10.  A final determination about whether to proceed as planned or to reschedule will be made and announced by very early August at the latest.