Bishop Lowry COVID-19 Response Update: It's Time to Reopen

In what he hoped would be his "final video about dealing with and responding to COVID-19," Bishop Lowry provided an update to the official Central Texas Conference COVID-19 Response Guidelines and asserted that it is time for those congregations who have not returned to in-person worship to do so. "It is time for all churches in the Central Texas Conference to go back to some form of in-person worship," Bishop Lowry states in his video to the conference.


He also stressed that returning to in-person worship does not mean ending your online worship and ministry offerings. "This needs to be done in a 'hybrid' fashion," said Bishop Lowry. "We need to continue to serve those who have discovered our churches online during the pandemic, as well as continue to reach new people via our online offerings. Do the hybrid! Keep and online capacity while you open up to in-person worship in a safe and in accordance with CDC and local, state and federal guidelines."


In his video, Bishop Lowry reminds that throughout the pandemic, we have been guided by faith, not driven by fear and he thanks God for the local churches and church leadership's faithfulness during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please click on the player below or go to and view Bishop Lowry's brief video update.