The Central Texas Conference Core Team is designed to move the Conference from a process and program model to a leadership model that is organic, flexible and constantly evolving. They are charged with helping the Annual Conference continue to live into the full implementation of the Exodus Project: A Transformational Roadmap for a Church in Transition. They are about giving guidance, feedback on direction, oversight, and policy as well as input on Annual Conference planning. 
  1. The Core Team is to implement decisions of the Annual Conference in accordance with the mission, vision, and core strategies adopted by the Central Texas Conference.
  2. They have authority from the Annual Conference to create a culture of accountability within the Conference
  3. The Core Team is responsible for developing measurable outcomes for the Central Texas Conference in keeping with the direction laid out by the Annual Conference and which are faithful to the Book of Discipline.
  4. The Conference Core Team and Centers will seek to identify emerging missional needs and deploy resources to meet them.
The Conference Core Team will be convened by the Bishop (who does not have a vote) or in the absence of the Bishop by the Assistant to the Bishop. The Conference Core Team will include the Conference Lay Leader, one lay member elected by each of the five districts, three-at-large members appointed by the Bishop (all of whom will serve a quadrennial term), one District Superintendent, the Assistant to the Bishop, and the three Executive Directors of the Centers.
Teams, committees and task forces may be established by the Bishop, the Core Team or Executive Directors of a center. Centers, teams and project groups will clarify tasks assigned, define their intended outcomes and provide timelines for accomplishing stated outcomes.

Conference Core Leadership Team

Bishop Ruben Saenz (Ex-Officio) –
Darlene Alfred (Conference Lay Leader) -
Jim Bates (East District) -
Don Beach (West District) -
Dr. Tim Bruster (Executive Director of Finance and Administration) -
Colin Campbell (Member-At-Large) -
Yvonne Coon (Member-At-Large) -
Dr. Will Cotton (Exec. Dir. Center for Evangelism, Mission & Church Growth) -
Ben Davila (New Church Start District) -
Clif Dobbins (Member-At-Large) -
Greg Feris (Member-At-Large) -
Dr. Clifton Howard (Assistant to the Bishop) -
Barbara Hunsberger (South District) -
Rev. Marilyn Jones (Member-At-Large) -
Rev. Chris Mesa (Member-At-Large) -
J. Vance Morton (CTC Director of Communications & IT) -
Rev. Philip Rhodes (Dean of the Cabinet) -
Barbara Sullivan (Central District) -
Patricia Zemany (North District) -