Evangelism, Mission, & Church Growth Leadership Coaching

Evangelism, Mission, & Church Growth Leadership Coaching

The Smith Center for Evangelism, Mission and Church Growth (CEMCG) exists to help the local churches of the Central Texas Conference reach people we are not already reading. We believe that working with a coach is a key component in leadership development. Just as your personal and professional development incorporates spiritual disciplines, lifelong learning, covenant groups, stewardship, service, discipleship, mentoring, spiritual direction, and counseling, it should also include coaching! The Center for Evangelism, Mission & Church Growth has led the focus on International Coaching Federation (ICF) coach training since 2018.

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Transformational Coaching
Working one-on-one with a coach specializing in church transformation, clergy and lay leadership teams work to understand their unique mission-field, assess resources and opportunities for ministry, align outreach with community needs, and cast a new vision for the church to move forward.

Coaching through a ‘Vital Merger’
As two or more congregations explore God’s calling toward unification, a church coach can help guide the process of merging by working with leaders to develop a united vision, a new leadership configuration, and a strengthened purpose to serve God and neighbor as one in Christ.

Consulting to Assess Local Church Potential
When a church struggles to meet the needs of its community, it may be time to assess the potential and future possibilities for ministry. Utilizing the process outlined in Paragraph 213 in The Book of Discipline, The Center can help local churches study their community, explore unique missional opportunities and needs, and consider the best stewardship of its resources.  The process is designed to help congregations discern if God might be calling them to redevelop, relocate, merge, or perhaps leave a legacy to future generations within the community.

Consulting through Holy Conversations
Working with consultants from the Texas Methodist Foundation, teams of clergy and lay leaders engage in self-directed learning while asking good questions—Who are we?  Who are our neighbors?  What is God calling us to do?—over an 18-month period.  With a consultant’s guidance, the goal is to develop a culture of purpose and generosity while helping a church more fully achieve its God-appointed mission.

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