Director of Digital Media Communications - Trinity UMC, Arlington


The primary responsibilities of this position involve the coordination of all Assimilation and Digital Media Communication Ministries under the mission of the church: Inviting People to Connect and Grow with Christ to Go Make a Difference. These ministries will be organized around the church’s ministry strategy of: Connect, Grow, Go.

The primary responsibilities of this position involve the coordination of all Assimilation and Digital Media Communication Ministries under the mission of the church: Inviting People to Connect and Grow with Christ to Go Make a Difference.  These ministries will be organized around the church’s ministry strategy of: Connect, Grow, Go.  The job responsibilities are:
Overall Responsibilities

  • Work with the Director of Communications and the Director of Audio and Lighting as a team to help cast the vision for all communications at Trinity UMC. The role of these three positions is to work together to help create, maintain and support the vision for Trinity UMC in regards to all communications.   Areas of collaborative effort would be for example:
    • Graphic Design implementation for all areas of ministry etc. 
    • Worship Design for all worship services
  • Oversee all Digital Media.
  1. Social Media- Social media can be used to reach and connect both members and guests to all the incredible ministries that are going on at Trinity UMC. It also helps the church send a clear consistent message throughout the churches mission and ministry.
    • Web Site-be the primary person on staff to update the web site.  Meet with all staff regularly in order to gather material for the web site.
    • Church App- Build an app to allow members to register attendance, or for church wide events, also to invite guests to find out what is going on at Trinity.
    • Vimeo/YouTube Page-Create a presence in both Vimeo and YouTube websites that allows both members and guests to view sermons, ministries and helps us reach into the community in which we serve.
  2. Digital Ministry- Digital Ministry helps enhance and connect our members and guests to our staff and to the ministries that we offer.
    • Weekly Sermons/Audio – we currently record our videos, we need to enhance our presence as stated above in Vimeo/YouTube areas as well as on our current web page
    • Video Vignettes-Videos for each area of ministry and from our staff to stay connected to the community as well as being used to celebrate and highlight each area of ministry.
    • Work with the Children and Youth staff to help bring digital technology to their ministries.
  3. Worship Media Ministry- Trinity must teach and train and provide top quality digital media worship for each and every service and activity.
  • Worship Media Design – Using themes, videos and specific designs to help support, enhance and create a better worship experience with the infrastructure we already have in place.  Update the current presentation software and work with Director of Communications to design and implement relevant media and graphics for worship.
  • Teach and Train a Volunteer Ministry- Every area of ministry is only as successful as the people involved and WMM is no different.  We will recruit, teach and train youth and adults to participate and run our media and sound on a weekly basis. 
  • Prepare for all worship services-work with the worship leaders and other staff to prepare all slides, announcements, graphics, and videos for all worship services.
  • Attend worship rehearsals- coordinate with the worship leaders and attend all worship rehearsals in order to finish preparation for worship services.
  1. Additional Ministry Opportunities- There are additional ministries that the Director of Digital Media Communications can and will provide to help serve the church.
  • IT support- There needs to be additional help and upgrades with our AV equipment and network and the Digital Media Communications Director will help oversee not only the IT areas of the church but help support the staff with their AV/Communications needs.
  1. If stated nowhere else, the following responsibilities are also included.
  • Create graphics and help in production of weekly video announcements to promote all church ministries and events. Will include announcement slides, sermon-series branding, Web pages, and social media.
  • Maintain and improve church website.
  • Ensure the quality of the technical aspects of worship services and lobby experiences for video.
  • Be responsible for incorporating TUMC mission, vision, and values into all of our creative media.
  • Serve major church productions and develop special events and programming to showcase our creative elements.
  • Oversee weekly digital media distribution of audio and video elements through our sermon app, website, social media and iTunes.
  • Work with our team to create a Campus-wide archive and library of all digital assets and graphics.
  • Develop and integrate online registrations and all domains.
  • Design and push digital media campaigns through all social media and e-blast.
  • Digital media promos for lobby & Web (rolling slides plus videos).
  • In charge of supervising and scheduling the staffing of technicians for all events using a combination of internal staff, volunteers, and external contractors (when needed).
  • Work within established budgets to achieve the objectives of the department.
  • Ability to cooperate and serve with others and have a good working relationship with peers.
  • Must be able to create high quality web content and graphics using the latest technology.
  • Be committed to learning new technical skills that relate to this job. Study and work to stay current and ahead of the curve on technologies for worship and church environments.
  • Must have leadership qualities to attract, train, and lead a volunteer team.
Education and Experience
  1. Experience required working with editing. Some college or a bachelor’s is preferred.
  2. 2-5 years of related experience within Audio/Visual industry and/or church live event production.
  3. Knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud and Premiere Pro and/or other video editing software.
  4. Some knowledge of operating audio visual equipment which includes, but is not limited to, audio, lighting, staging, data, video, broadcast, etc.
Required Skills
  1. Knowledge of layouts, graphic fundamentals, typography & limitations of the web and have the ability to storyboard or translate ideas to designers.
  2. A working knowledge of visual-design, brand development, web publishing (CMS) and the creative process.
  3. Web design capabilities (Word Press): must know how to work in both media for integrated campaigns.
  4. Ability to lead projects from concept to completion. Knowledge of user interface and interactive design, including image optimization and site mapping.
  5. Experience with Graphics software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.
  6. Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and CMS.
  7. Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.
  8. Ability to supervise and train volunteer and/or employees, to include organizing, prioritizing, and scheduling work assignments.
  9. Passion, Integrity, and Energy!
Staff Responsibilities
  • Staff liaison to video/photo team.
  • Attend weekly staff meeting and meet with other staff to plan events and activities related to assimilation and digital communication needs.
  • Submit article to the ENTOS (church newsletter) when needed.
  • Meet with the senior pastor and Director of Music and Worship as needed.
  • Attend various ministry opportunities at Trinity to network with and support Trinity family members.
  • Other duties as assigned.
Professional Development
  • Attend continuing education seminars to enhance the gifts given for ministry.

Contact: Kendall Carter, Director of Music & Worship

Address: 1200 W. Green Oaks Blvd Arlington TX 76013

Phone: 817-274-1345