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Responsibilities – The following constitute the major responsibilities of the Church Administrative Assistant (CAA), subject to review and adjustment in conjunction with the Lead Pastor and the S/PPRC and under the direct supervision of first the Lead Pastor and next the S/PPRC. Primary Function • SUNDAY ASSISTANCE: Help Lead Pastor as requested. o Serve as armor bearer to the Pastor o Prayer for and with the Pastor o Ensure necessities are available: water/Coke/mic/ o Contact information of discipleship and enter information into system o Make appointments from members/others to see Pastor • CORRESPONDENCE: Respond to individuals needing written communication, compose letters when requested by the Pastoral staff, send letters to all first-time visitors to the church, send emails to the church requested by the Lead Pastor, be sure that all correspondence is mailed in a timely manner, make telephone calls as needed and make robocalls. • RESOLUTIONS: Prepare Resolutions of Respect for deceased church members and family of church members as directed by the Lead Pastor. Keep the records of the deceased and file in the appropriate year of binder. • MAINTANANCE OF OFFICE EQUIPMENT: The CAA will operate, clean regularly, and recommend to the Lead Pastor maintenance needs for all office equipment (i.e., copier, folding machine, computers and any other office equipment owned by the church. • ADMINISTRATION OF COMPUTER OPERATIONS: Do everything possible to become a proficient computer operator. Supervise all computer-related procedures. Plan overall utilization of computer capabilities. Responsible to see that all changes are kept up-to-date. Generate reports when required by Pastoral staff or requested by other members of the church. • MONTHLY NEWSLETTER: The CAA is responsible for preparing the church monthly newsletter. The CAA will work with the Lead Pastor on input, design and publication to be mailed or emailed. • Social Media Posting via YouTube and Facebook • SECRETARIAL SUPPORT TO PASTORAL STAFF, STAFF AND CHAIRPERSONS: Help with correspondence, telephoning, and any other tasks directed by the Lead Pastor. o Keep the Pastor’s schedule o Keep the Pastor abreast of conference dates/deadlines and information o Assist Pastor with the delegation and follow-up of Single Board • MAINTENANCE OF OFFICE FILES AND RECORDS: Keep all files in an orderly manner and prepare filing system directions for other users. Maintain records of baptisms, dedications, weddings, membership, visitor attendance, church resolutions and accompanying funeral programs. • Input of financial contribution o Learn and assist with church financial input o Assist with filing of church envelopes • ADMINISTRATION OF A LOST AND FOUND CENTER: • KEYS: Maintain a current list of key holders provided by the trustee chair. • MAINTAIN MASTER CALENDAR. o Church events o Wedding o Property rental events approval • MAIL: Retrieve mail from the church mailbox at the post office. Open, date and sort incoming mail. • SICK AND SHUT IN: Maintain list of ill and hospitalized church members. • TELEPHONE AND ANSWERING MACHINE: Keep an updated list of church telephone lines and users. o Church telephone is a cell phone that can be answered based on the days and hours assigned o Respond to message left within a timely manner o Direct calls to the appropriate personnel • INVENTORY CONTROL FOR OFFICE SUPPLIES: Provide an uninterrupted support of total church office operations and order supplies as needed. • SUPERVISION OF VOLUNTEER OFFICE HELP: This includes recruiting, scheduling, training and work review. • PREPARATION OF ANNUAL REPORT: Responsible for setting reasonable deadlines for acquiring reports from the commissions, typing information received, editing, formatting, proofreading, copying and assembly of reports. • MAINTAIN PERSONNEL RECORDS: Maintain personnel files on all personnel, Pastoral and support/office staff as directed by the Lead Pastor. • Maintain Trustee Files o Contracts o Building information o All signed documents • MAINTENANCE OF BULLETIN BOARDS: Maintain orderly bulletin boards with current information. • OFFICE PROCEDURE MANUAL: Maintain an Office Procedure Manual so that information regarding the function of the church office is kept up-to-date and is easily accessible to others, as needed. • PRINTED MATERIALS: Update printed materials as needed so that information is accurate and current (i.e., Church Directory, Application for Assistance, Facility Use Forms and other materials requested by the Lead Pastor or Staff. • OTHER DUTIES ASSIGNED: Perform all other duties assigned by the Lead Pastor or S/PPRC. o Weekly check of PO Box o MinistrySafe Trained JOB REQUIREMENTS AND GUIDELINES: • Protect the reputation and integrity of others through strict confidentiality. • Develop an attitude toward a role as a minister of church, not merely as office help. • Demonstrate a high level of trust (A violation of trust will result in immediate dismissal). • Display the ability to communicate well, both verbally and written. Hours: Flexible, up to 20 hours per week Salary: $15 per hour

Contact: Brenda Brooks

Address: 4301 Campus Drive Fort Worth TX 76119