Anchor Bible/Interpretation Commentaries


I have 35 volumes of the Anchor Bible Series, 3 softback Intepretation volumes, and 6 hardback Interpreation voumes for sale. These are used volumes with no markings to minimal markings. To purchase these volumes used (i.e. on ebay) would run around $600-700 plus shipping and to purchase new would run well over $1,999. I will sell all 44 volumes for $200. The can be picked up in Azle or I would be willing to meet you at an agreed upon location if you are in another part of the annual conference. The volumes I have include: Anchor Bible Series Genesis I Samuel I Chronicles II Chronicles Judges Esther Joshua Ezra/Nehemiah Ruth Psalm 1 - 1-50 Psalms II - 51-100 Psalms III101-150 Proverbs/Ecclesiastes Song of Songs II Isaiah The Wisdom of Solomon Daniel/Esther/Jeremiah Jeremiah Lamentations Daniel Job I & II Esdras 1 Maccabees II Maccabees Matthew Luke 1-4X John I-XII John XIII-XXI Acts 1 Corinthians Ephesians 1-3 Ephesians 4-6 Hebrews James/Peter/Jude Revelation Interpretation Hardback Genesis Job Daniel Mark Romans Galatians Interpreation Softback Matthew Mark Romans Please contact me if you have any questions.

Contact: Richard Reed

Address: 264 Marina Drive Azle TX 76020

Phone: 972-742-9770

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