Is your church looking to create or change it's website?

Here is a list of resources that I have compiled from various places to assist you in creating and maintaining your website.

General Information for Web Ministry

The United Methodist Communications has a page devoted to Web/Communication Ministry.  You can view their resources by going here.

Template Based Web Sites/Hosts

These sites are designed for the church that is looking for an easy way to create their website that will allow them to update and change the content as they see fit.

Prices range from $12 per month to more than $100 per month depending on the services and options that you select. Most providers will allow you to upgrade as your Website needs to expand. If you would like to see a more comprehensive list of solutions available to churches, you can visit the Great Church Websites page and select the “Choose a CMS” tab.

Web Hosting for your own Site

Below you can find a list of companies that churches are using to host their own sites.

Domain Name Registration

If you are going to run your own website using one of the hosting companies listed above, you will need to register a domain name for your website.  Below you can find a list of some companies that will alow you to register your domain name.  Many domain name registration companies will also host websites.

Web Development Software

If a church is looking at developing it's website, there are programs available that allow it to do this.  These programs are more advanced and will require someone who knows how to use them or is willing to learn to use them.  They can be purchnased through the UMCOM Techshop.

Content Management Systems

Today’s website development technology allows you to create a website without knowing much about HTML code or other Web-authoring scripts. These content management systems (CMS) make it easy for you to add text, photographs, graphics, and other multimedia components to build a dynamic website. First up are the Open Source CMS programs that are free to download and use to design your website. These include:

Each of these programs varies in its degree of difficulty to master and its flexibility with dynamic content. Some provide online support and how-to manuals or tutorials. All (with the exception of Wordpress) will require a hosting service to publish your webpages to the Internet. Generally, you will need to register your domain name and set up email accounts, but these may be included with the hosting service you choose (see below).

Web Development Services

There are companies that provide a complete web solution, who specialize in churches and non-profit organizations.  Here is a list of some of them.

Big Heart Design (Provided in partnership with UMCOM)


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