Don’t let their silliness and simplicity fool you…Children are deeply spiritual. Just as children grow during those early years physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally, they are also growing spiritually. They are learning about important concepts to a healthy faith such as love, trust, acceptance, and forgiveness. Research by The Barna Group says that almost half of Americans who accept Jesus Christ as their Savior do so by the age of 13. Children have a vital role in the Body of Christ and should have ways to grow in their faith through worship, service, giving, pastoral care, and learning just as adults do in the church

Intentional Faith Development for children seeks to develop the whole child, especially their spiritual identity in Christ and the gifts and calling that come with a Christian life.

Intentional Faith Development for children includes teaching Bible stories but goes beyond crafts and coloring pages. It’s setting them on a spiritual journey that helps them discover God’s grace for themselves through baptism, confirmation, and an active life in the Body of Christ.

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