EZRA Checkout Tech Support

Sorry that you are having issues with the EZRA tool. If you have found your way here we can only assume that you've already consulted the EZRA Help Guide and didn't find what you needed there. As such, we will endeavor to get you an answer to your issue as quickly as possible. 
If you have questions about the CTC checkout process and/or CTC-specific data, please send an email to calvin@ctcumc.org, or call 817-877-5222.
If you are experiencing difficulties with the Ezra tool itself - it won't allow you to login, it won't save your data, you are getting error messages even after you've corrected a mistake, etc. - please contact the Ezra Website Administrator by clicking here.
If you have discovered errors in your reporting after you have submitted your information, please alert your district office and contact John Dirk (john@woodwayfumc.org) or one of the other GCFA assistants listed on the Ezra homepage for assistance.