Clergy Directory

Directory Listing of Clergy serving churches in the Central District of CTCUMC through Dec. 31, 2020.


District Churches

Directory Listing of Churches located in the Central District of CTCUMC through Dec. 31, 2020.



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Conference Lay Representative: Michael Miller

Conference Nominations & Leadership Development Team
Clergy: Rev. Brandon Frenzel; Lay: Vicki Hidde

District Director of Lay Servant MinistriesLarry Ketcham

Conference Archives & History Team
Clergy: Rev. Robyn Young; Lay: Johnee Little 

District Lay Leader: Michael Miller

Associate District Lay Leader: Shane Hawkins​

District Trustees 
Class of 2020
Rev. Cynthia Moss
Class of 2021
Rev. Bryan Patrick

Class of 2022
Susan Warren

District Board of Church Location & Building 
Class of 2020
Rev. Allen Goss; Tom Duckworth;

Rev. Jennifer Pick​
Class of 2021
Mike Hall; Larry Ketcham;
Rev. Aryn Mojica​
Class of 2022
Rev. Steve MossRev. Steve Nance;
Stacey Hall

District Committee on Superintendency 
Barbara Sullivan (District Lay Leader)
Class of 2020
Rev. Steve Nance (Chair); Rev. Maurine Day;

Larry KetchamChuck Freeto
Class of 2021
Rev. Alphie WinesRev. Brandon Frenzel
Marilyn Buchholz
Class of 2022
Rev. Ryan BarnettRev. Mary Gean Cope
Rev. Gabe Dominguez

District Executive Leadership Team 
Rev. Leah Hidde-Gregory (District Superintendent);

Barbara Sullivan (District Lay Leader);

Shane Hawkins (Assoc. District Lay Leader);

Edie Snider (UMW President); EW Burdette (UMM President);

Rev. Allen GossLarry Ketcham (Lay Servant Leadership);

Shawna FurmanRev. Bob Rainey;

Rev. Maurine DayRev. Hayley House​

District Committee on Ordained Ministry 
Rev. Steven Bell (Chair); Rev. Meredith Bell;

Rev. Danny NiedeckenRev. Bryan Patrick;

Teri ReadRev. Cynthia Moss;

Rev. Alison ZollingerWilma Dunbar;

Rev. Amy AndersonJames Gwaltney
Rev. Bob RaineyRev. Tim Jarrell;
Dr. Shirley RichardsonRev. Brad Slaten;
Rev. Todd PickBrenda Speer


Local Pastor Liaison 
Rev. Amy Anderson