Living Center Leadership Team is the key to the success of CTCYM. Without well prepared leadership, the youth and adults who attend would not have the life changing experiences that occur every year; and the hundreds of families CTCYM helps each summer would remain in need.

To qualify to serve as Living Center Leadership, the participant must 1) Have attended at least one CTCYM mission trip, and preferably "shadowed" another person in the leadership role desired (Center Director, Program Director, Worksite Coordinator, Head Cook) 2) Attended the scheduled Adult Leadership Training and 3) Read and signed the CTCYM Adult Leadership Covenant.

If you feel you are being led to serve on the Living Center Leader Team, please complete the Leadership Application below, and discuss your potential leadership role with the Group Leader from your church. It is vital to communicate this as soon as possible with CTCYM and the team from your church. Applications for Leadership Roles can be found on this page (see below). Mandatory training for Adult Leadership will be held every spring.


We are moving our April 4 CTCYM Center Leadership Training to April 25 due to the ongoing and constantly changing circumstances in response to the novel coronavirus COVID-19 crisis. By postponing the meeting a few weeks, we hope to have a much more accurate idea as to how efforts to control the spread of the virus are working and the impact they will have on our summer mission trips. If we are able, we will gather in person, but we will be prepared to meet virtually – via an online meeting service like ZOOM or a conference call. We will announce the location of the meeting and/or share information as to how to connect with us virtually by April 15. Regardless of our circumstance, we will join together for a devotional and general Center Leadership information. We will also break out into groups so that we may discuss the responsibilities of the specific leadership roles in which we will be serving. I look forward to sharing in this time with you.

As many of you are aware, while the likelihood of the June trip having to be cancelled is a concern, we are simply in a wait-and-see situation. We continue to plan and prepare for our CTCYM trips as if they are going to happen as scheduled and are taking/will continue to take the necessary and recommended steps from the CDC and civil authorities to protect our youth, adult volunteers and staff. If CTCYM deems it unsafe or we are prevented from continuing with the June and/or July trips as planned due to civil mandates, CTCYM will issue refunds for registrations.

If you are unable to attend training and have served in your desired Leadership role for three out of the last five years, you may instead complete the online training. Training links will be available in Spring 2020. Leadership Training is mandatory and must be completed in order to serve in 2020, so please be certain you can attend this training date before submitting your Adult Leadership Application. This application must be completed in order to be considered for Center Leadership.


Contact Claire Condrey with any questions regarding this mandatory Leadership Training.
Please note CTCYM does not recommend all leadership roles in a Living Center only be filled by persons from the same church.

Adult Leadership Training:

April 25, 2020  

Time and Location TBA by April 15


Click here if you qualify for online training (which should be paired with Leadership Manual and document specific to your Leadership Role).

The Online Application Process will open in October of 2019.  Please contact Claire Condrey if you have a desire to serve in an Adult Leadership role. Please select the Leadership role in which you have a particular interest to serve (descriptions below), and complete the brief application. Please note, if you wish to serve in both June and July, an application will need to be completed for each trip.



Upon completion of your Leadership Application, please register yourself for your CTCYM trip by clicking Individual Registration on the home page of Individual Registration opens January 10, 2020.

Leadership Roles Job Summaries

Administrative Assistant: Supports Center Director with management of the Living Center i.e. paperwork, errands, reporting, etc. In some instances, may be needed to assist Worksite Coordinator with paperwork.

Center Director: Oversees planning and Management of the Living Center, which includes pre-trip communications with Host Church, securing showers, supervision during the trip, and reporting after the trip. Will turn in post-trip report. Center Director may be supported by an Administrative Assistant.

Cook Assistant: Assists Head Cook with planning, purchasing, and preparation of meals.

Head Cook: Responsible for planning, purchasing, and coordinating all meals. Will turn in post-trip report.

Program Assistant: Assists Program Director with Worship and/or recreation.

Program Director: Responsible for evening activities, including Worship, music, and recreation. Also responsible for morning and lunch devotionals. May request an assistant, assigned by CTCYM office, with delegated responsibilities for coordinating Worship and/or recreation. Will turn in post-trip report.

Worksite Assistant: Assists Worksite Coordinator with locating and planning for worksites, and in purchasing and delivering tools and supplies. It is incredibly helpful if Worksite Assistant can bring her/his own vehicle (especially trucks) to assist in delivering supplies, however, not being able to bring your own vehicle does not exclude you from being a Worksite Assistant.

Worksite Coordinator: Will locate and evaluate worksites, plan worksite needs, deliver tools and supplies, and advise on worksite needs. Will turn in post-trip report. Depending on Living Center size, there may be one or more Assistant Worksite Coordinators.


Leadership Manuals for 2020

Leaders are responsible for the information that is in the manuals. Please download your copy, and refer to it often.









Expense Report Forms (Please consult your manual for expenses that are, and are not, covered in your budget. Expense Reports should be turned in within 60 days of your trip.)
  • Expense report form 2020 (for hand entry)
  • Excel Expense report form 2020 (for computer entry) - "enable editing"
Leadership Resources


If your Leadership Role requires purchase of supplies and materials, please contact CTCYM office to obtain a copy of the Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate. Please note Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi,  New Mexico, and Oklahoma do not allow tax exemption.

Thank you so much for your continued support of CTCYM and leadership!