Our NEW NORMAL has shifted all of our ministries in our local churches online and churches all over the world and across our United Methodist Connection are doing wonderful things with this new VITAL MINISTRY. This landing page was created for you, the local church to know what you are legally required to do in streaming and pre-recording worship and posting later in a premiere or other format. 


To stream a worship service through Vimeo, Facebook, YouTube or any streaming provider you will need a Streaming License, very low cost especially if you go with CCLI which is providing an 10% right now during the Coronavirus Pandemic Crisis we find ourselves in. With a Streaming/Podcast License the following is in play or not as it is appropriate. 


Streaming License

Terms of Agreement

Welcome to CCLI’s Streaming License (“License”).  To enjoy the rights and benefits your License provides, your understanding and adherence to the following is necessary, and you agree to:

  • Keep your License in good standing by paying the annual fee when it is due
  • Honor the terms and conditions of this program as outlined in the following sections marked Permitted Activities and Activities Not Permitted
  • Validate the participation of each Song before you Stream it (see how in the Song Validation section)
  • Use the License in a lawful and ethical manner

Permitted Activities

An active License allows you to “Stream” (i.e. digitally transmit, retransmit, distribute and play back) participating Songs (“Songs”) from your church’s proprietary website, a hosted website or a streaming service in the following manner.  You may:

  • Live stream Songs performed in your church services in audio and/or video form
  • Retransmit Songs performed in your church services in audio and/or video form
  • Distribute audio or video files of Songs performed in your church services to personal computers, portable media players or a similar device capable of receiving such files
  • Upload videos to YouTube and similar services provided that copyright owners have the right to monetize and place ads on videos containing their owned copyrights (these terms of agreement do not override those of the streaming platforms)

All rights not specified here are reserved to and for the benefit of the copyright owner.

Activities Not Permitted

This License has certain important and necessary limitations and you may not:

  • Charge a fee or receive any form of compensation for any of the Permitted Activities
  • Assign or transfer any rights under your License to any other church or group
  • Authorize any third-party that is not your church’s proprietary website, a hosted website or a streaming service to Stream Songs
  • Stream artist or record label recordings of Songs
  • Stream Songs from concerts, conferences and special events held at the Church property where a financial charge, including donations, is required for attendance
  • Stream Songs contained in non-Church Service audio and/or video content such as a non-Church Service teaching video, televised events or special productions
  • Regarding YouTube or any similar streaming service used by your Church, sublicense or enter into any revenue sharing agreement for the monetization of a Song, including videos that are derived from a streaming website or service but are embedded in your Church’s website, as this right is reserved exclusively to the copyright owner
  • Regarding YouTube or a similar service, block the use of advertising placed by a streaming website or service on behalf of a Song owner

Song Validation

CCLI’s Song Search available at www.ccli.com makes it easy to validate the participation of a song or catalog in the program.

Simply enter the song title in the search box and confirm the associated catalog and author names. If your initial search results do not include the song you are looking for, check the box next to “Expand search to show all songs” for more results. Find a match and you’re good to go. If you do not find a match, the song is likely not covered by the License.

When in doubt, CCLI’s Customer Service is ready to help at Customer Support or


Please NOTE: A streaming license is not required if you don't employ any music or other non-original media content in your service. 


CCLI is proving a 10% discount to current customers who wish to add a Steaming License to their existing CCLI Copyright License. They provide licensing for most contemporary music publishers who produce what you hear on the radio. You must have a Streaming License to stream worship services that include music from their list of publishers.


The CVLI Church Video License provides legal coverage for churches and other ministry organizations to show parts or all of motion pictures and other audiovisual programs intended for personal, private use only. The license provides a comprehensive copyright compliance solution.