How To Duplicate and Share Forms

There are a few forms that may require more than one per church. For instance if you have more than one Candidate for Ministry each candidate is required to fill out a form. That's why we have many of the forms listed as Optional Form (Multi).
There are two ways to share Here are the simple steps you'll need to follow if you need to share an OPTIONAL FORM (multi) form to an individual (or individuals)

Option 1. Start a New Form, copy the url and email that link to all who need to complete that form

  1. click on Start New Form
  2. Copy that url
  3. Paste that url into ONE SINGLE EMAIL addressed of all who need the form (recommended in the bcc line)
  4. Hit send and you’re done.
Contrary to earlier erroneous instructions, Churches ONLY HAVE TO START ONE NEW FORM and copy that one link and then send that one link to as many people as they wish. The process of Starting a new form, copying that link and sending that link to one person and repeating that process is unnecessary. Each person can click the same link and the tool will generate different forms for each email recipient.
Of course, if two people share an email address – i.e. if Mr. & Mrs. Jones are both Lay Servants and they only have as the only email address between them, then you will need to start a separate new form for one of them in that instance.

Option 2. Forward the email the church received with the form portal link on it to whomever needs to fill out a form or forms and instruct them which forms to complete.

  1. Find the original email
  2. Forward it to whomever needs to complete a form or forms.
  3. Instruct them to click on the FormVite link in the email and scroll down to find the form they need >Click Start New Form (inform them to only click the Start New Form button and not “Edit this form” as that would affect someone else’s submission) > Fill out the Form > Hit Save

This is actually the easiest method of sharing, but it assumes a level of responsibility and trust from those receiving the link to only complete the forms required of them and not mess with other forms or submissions