Frequently Asked Questions

Q: There are forms in my FormVite link that don’t pertain to our church. What do we do?
A: If a form is not applicable to your church, simply do not complete it. However, please treat any forms that are applicable to your church as REQUIRED forms, even if they are not marked as such in your portal.
Q: Why do I have to fill in all the “required” fields before I can save a document and come back to it later or share it with someone else to fill in their part?
A: That’s just how the tool works. Hey, at least we can save this year, right? While having to fill in all the required fields before being able to save may seem overly cumbersome off the bat, remember you don’t HAVE to put real info into the fields to save it. While we encourage you to fill in as many of the fields with the actual data as you can, you can mark any character – an X or asterisks for example - into the fields (except the email field, that needs to be an actual address) and then come back and change those fields later. JUST REMEMBER TO MAKE THOSE CHANGES BEFORE SUBMITTING ALL YOUR FORMS TO THE DISTRICT OFFICE.
Q: The pastor’s report says it is a report ending on December 31, 2022. That date hasn’t
come yet. What do I do?
A: Complete this form to date. An update will be requested at the time of end of year reporting.
Q: Where is the fund-balance report?
A: The fund balance report will be released with the End of Year Reports in January.
Q: I am not certain who the extension ministers, clergy on leave of absence, and/or
retired clergy are who maintain charge conference affiliation with our church. How do I
find out who they are and/or send them charge conference forms to complete?
A: The District Office will send you a list of these folks via email. That list will contain the
contact information we have on file. If, as you reach out to them, you become aware of a
change of information, we’d be grateful to hear from you about that change, so all records are kept up-to-date. Otherwise, using the information we send, you will then follow the instructions to send them the charge conference forms they need to complete and submit. An additional option may be to call those folks and complete the form over the phone together.
Q: Our church has a first-time candidate for ministry who requires a 2/3 approval by
charge conference through a ballot vote. What do we do?
A: Contact the District Office to request that the Administrative Council meeting in which you vote on charge conference matters become a charge conference in itself for the sole purpose
of this initial vote for your church’s candidate.
Q: Our church has business that requires an individual charge conference. The group date simply will not work for us. What can we do about that?
A: Contact your District Office. They will make arrangements.
Q: My compensation form will not allow me to enter information correctly. What do I do?
A: Ensure Macros are enabled. (See image below)
Q: I use a MAC and never can seem to get the Pastor Support & Compensation form to work. What now?
A: The secret to the Clergy Compensation form and MACs is: SAVE FIRST. Before you attempt to enter any information into the form, save it, give it a new name (Ex: 2020_PSCF_KWarthen), then close the document. Open the file you just saved, and voila! You should be able to compete the form.
Q: How do I complete this form when I don’t know about my 2022 benefits?
A: Take heart! The 2020 benefits information is up on the CTC website. You can access this information by going to to see the 2020 rates. You may also reference the health insurance rates document emailed to you from the District Office.
Q: Help! I have a question this document does not address and for which I cannot find an
answer on the Charge Conference Instructions in FormVite.
A: Feel free to contact your district office.