How to Access Your 2023 Charge Conference Forms

To access the 2022 Central Texas Conference Charge Conference Forms simply click on the FormVites link in the email sent to your church on or around Sept. 29, a.d. 2022. That will take you to the personal portal for your church. To begin, simply click on the Start This Form button next to the form you wish to access.

Each form listed on your portal is required if applicable to your church. The forms marked required are forms that every church must complete regardless of circumstance. Forms designated as Optional are only required IF

  • The forms labeled as REQUIRED are applicable to all churches regardless of circumstance.
  • The forms labeled as ADDITIONAL FORM are required if they apply. For instance, if you don’t have a parsonage, there is no need to complete the Parsonage Inspection Report. However, if you DO have a parsonage, then you are absolutely required to complete this form.
  • The forms labeled as ADDITIONAL FORM (multi)  are to be treated just like the previous forms, but these can be duplicated and shared with multiple persons (i.e. report of the pastor or the Deacons Report if your church has more than one serving).
  • If you need to share an ADDITIONAL FORM (multi) form that must be completed by another individual, you simply click on the START A NEW FORM button, copy the web address that appears at the top of that page, and email that link to the person that needs to complete the form. You must repeat this process for each form that has to be shared. So, if you have five pastors, you’ll need to Start a New Form, copy and send the link 5 times. Do not send the same link to multiple people or they will all be filling out the same form.
For info on how to save, share, submit or send a form, please click here to go back to the main Charge Conference 2022 page and click on the appropriate link.