2017 Pastoral Support & Compensation Form

You will need Excel 2010 or newer to complete this form. If you have an older version of Excel, contact your District Administrator to discuss how to submit this information.

  1. Click the image to the left to open the 2017 Pastoral Support & Compensation form. The form will open as a Microsoft Excel document.

  2. Save a copy of the form on your computer or an external hard drive by clicking on the save icon at the top left corner of the document.

  3. Open the document from the folder to which you saved the document.

  4. After you have completed (and for safety’s sake, save several times during the process), save the form again.

  5. Send the completed form to your District Office via email (as an attachment – PREFERRED). For contact information, visit ctcumc.org/districts and click on your district’s name. 


2016 Charge Conference Signature Page

Because all but one of the forms are being submitted electronically this year, there is no opportunity to sign each form before submitting. As such, each Charge Conference will employ this signature page as a way of confirming the information provided is accurate.

This form will not be submitted electronically. Instead, it should be downloaded and printed (see below for instructions). Please bring two printed copies to be signed at or before your charge conference – one for your District Superintendent and one for your church records.






  1. Click the graphic to the left to open the 2016 Charge Conference Signature Form. East District please note that you are asked to use the form found beneath the graphic.

  2. Save a copy of the form for your records by clicking on the save icon on the top left corner of the document.

  3. Print two copies of this form. The print icon should be just to the right of the save button.

  4. Each person in the designated positions of leadership as indicated on the page should sign in the space provided either before or at your charge conference to confirm that the information presented in the forms for which they are responsible is correct to the best of their knowledge.

  5. Once all the church leadership has signed, present both copies of the form to your district superintendent or elder presiding over your Charge Conference for their signature. One copy with go with the DS and one is for your local church records.