Mike Lowry

Resident Bishop, Central Texas Conference

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Phone: (817) 877-5222


Mike Ford

Conference Lay Leader

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Phone: (254) 396-3484

Clifton Howard

Assistant to the Bishop/Chief of Staff

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Phone: (817) 877-5222

Leah Hidde-Gregory

Dean of the Cabinet / Central District Superintendent

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Phone: (817) 877-5222

Brad Brittain

South District Superintendent

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Phone: (254) 773-2481

Louis Carr

North District Superintendent

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Phone: (817) 877-5222

Lisa Neslony

West District Superintendent

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Phone: (254) 965-2594

Mike Ramsdell

Executive Director of Smith Center for Evangelism, Mission & Church Growth / New Church Start District Superintendent

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Phone: (817) 877-5222

Jeff Roper

Executive Director, Roberts Center for Leadership / Conference Benefits Officer

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Phone: (817) 877-5222

Randy Wild

East District Superintendent

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Phone: (817) 877-5222