CTC Cabinet Updates

Forward to a New Spring Continues to Bring Changes & New Opportunities

Rev. Philip Rhodes Appointed as East District Area Superintendent Effective July 1

Bishop Mike Lowry, episcopal leader of the Central Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church, has announced that Rev. Philip Rhodes will be appointed as the Superintendent of the East District Area of the Central Texas Conference effective July 1. Dr. Randy Wild, the East District Area’s current superintendent, will (again) retire from active ministry on July 1. Read more here.

Beverly Connelly Appointed as South Central District Area Superintendent Effective August 1

Bishop Mike Lowry, episcopal leader of the Central Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church effective August 1 appointed Rev. Beverly Connelly as the Superintendent of South Central District Area of the Central Texas Conference. Additionally, effective August 1st, Rev. Leah Hidde Gregory moves to a new role on the cabinet as the Executive Director  of the Smith Center for Evangelism, Mission & Church Growth / New Church Start District Superintendent. 


Meet Your Assistant District Superintendents

As a part of the Forward to a New Spring initiative, each of the District Areas established District Discipleship Teams designed to assist the District Superintendents in their duties, get as many resources as possible directly to the local churches and assist, develop and grow the clergy and lay leadership in each district. Each of the District Discipleship Teams have been coming together during the first part of the year (in between historic ice storms, Lent, Easter and other local church duties) to get to know each other and set out their strategies and plans. As they begin to roll out these plans in their district areas, we'd like to introduce the members of the district teams to you beginning with those who have answered the call to serve as Assistant District Superintendents. (We'll introduce other members of the teams in the coming weeks.) Please view the video below featuring Leslie Byrd, Jay Fraze and Pat McCain and hear a little bit about just what is a Asst. DS and how they are looking forward to assisting local church and clergy/lay leadership as we together journey Forward to a New Spring in our wildly important goal of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


To view the full interviews with each of the Asst. DSs, please go to ctcumc.org/districts.


Members of the Central Texas Conference Cabinet


Mike Lowry

Resident Bishop, Central Texas Conference

Email Bishop Lowry

Phone: (817) 877-5222


Darlene Alfred
Conference Lay Leader

Email Darlene

Phone: (254) 526-0382

Clifton Howard

Assistant to the Bishop/Chief of Staff

Email Clifton

Phone: (817) 877-5222

Louis Carr
Dean of the Cabinet / North-West District Area Superintendent

Email Louis

Phone: (817) 877-5222

Beverly Connelly
South-Central District Area Superintendent

Email Beverly

Phone: (817) 877-5222

Leah Hidde-Gregory
Executive Director of Smith Center for Evangelism, Mission & Church Growth / New Church Start District Superintendent

Email Leah

Phone: (817) 877-5222

Jeff Roper
Executive Director, Roberts Center for Leadership / Conference Benefits Officer

Email Jeff

Phone: (817) 877-5222

Philip Rhodes
East District Area Superintendent

Email Philip

Phone: (817) 877-5222