Building Evangelism Into Your Church: Reaching People We Are Not Already Reaching

On April 28, Rev. Mike Ramsdell and Rev. Louis Carr, district superintendent of the North/West District Area, were joined by Bishop Lowry who “Zoomed In” remotely during a break in a spring Council of Bishops meeting for an in-depth discussion on Building Evangelism in the Local Church. During this part three of the five-part A New Church for a New World webinar series, Mike, Louis and Bishop Lowry focused on how to reach those people we are not already reaching via our services, ministries and outreach. The future of the post-COVID-19 church is not going to be about how to best reactivate those who “dropped out” during the COVID quarantine. The future of the church going forward is in reaching new people. This has always been true, but in this new season, it is even more vital.
Click on the player below to view a replay of April 28 webinar and hear the insights and ideas shared by Mike, Louis and Bishop Lowry. To download a replay for sharing or use in a small group, please visit the CTC Vimeo page.