BSA Bankruptcy Voting Instructions and Document Packet


Churches who filed a Proof of Claim in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) bankruptcy according to Central Texas Conference records received the following voting instructions and documents via email on Nov. 1.

It is now time to vote on the BSA bankruptcy plan. Based on the work of the United Methodist Ad Hoc Committee, our recommendation is for you to vote NO.


The following documents have been provided to assist in this matter.

The linked documents above are in the PDF format. A free PDF reader download is available at TIP – be sure to uncheck the boxes next to the two free McAfee security offers before downloading the free PDF Reader software.
Please convene a meeting of your Church Trustees (or equivalent body) as quickly as possible to review the documents, hold an official vote for the church as authorized by your charge conference and authorize the person to sign the ballot on behalf of the church (likely the chair of the Trustees). Be sure to record and save the official minutes of the meeting and vote. 

The BSA blank ballot has four areas to be completed.

An example of how to complete the ballot is indicated in red on the BSA sample ballot link above.

Area 1 – The Debtor & Claim Amount (box midway up page 4)

  • The debtor is the Boy Scouts of America

  • The claim amount is $1.00.  Please note that all claim amounts are assigned a value of $1.00 for voting purposes.


Area 2 – Voting (box at the bottom of page 4)

  • Please check the “REJECT (I.E. VOTE AGAINST) the Plan” box to indicate that you are voting against the plan. 

    • As referenced in our Nov. 30 email to the Conference, the UMC Ad Hoc Committee is recommending that churches vote NO on the plan as we do not believe the current plan provides sufficient protections against claims for the chartering organizations, especially those in 1975 and prior years.


Area 3 – Opt Out Section (box near the top of page 8) 

  • Please check the box on this page that indicates you elect to opt out of the third-party release in Article X.J.4 of the Plan. 

    • This is different than the “Opt Out Form” that we previously told you to destroy. 

    • This opt out is saying that we are not releasing the BSA from their obligation to cover claims for the chartering organizations for the post-1975 claims.


Area 4 – Signatures. (page 14) Please complete this section carefully. 

  • Name of claimant – write in the name of the church

  • Last four digits of social security number – use the church EIN (employer identification number). This is the number you use for payroll purposes.

  • Signature – the signature of the person authorized by the Trustees to sign for the church.

  • Name of signatory – print the name of the person who signed in the line above.

  • Title of Agent – write in the title of the person who signed two lines above. 

    • For example, the title could be “Chair of Trustees”

  • Street Address – the church’s address. If the church has a mailing address different from the street address (i.e. a P.O Box), enter the mailing address.

  • Telephone number – the church telephone number

  • Email address – typically the church email address. If there is not a church email address, then the email address of the person who signed.

  • Date completed – enter the date the ballot was signed.


Please ignore the section on electronic voting at the end of the ballot.

Important notes:
  • Please only vote once.

  • Please keep a hard (paper) and/or soft (electronic) copy of the completed ballot.

  • Please send an email to and copy your district administrator letting the Conference team know that you have completed your voting.

  • Please ensure that you send your ballot to the court so that it is received by December 14.

    • Given the recent delays in mail being sent/received via the U.S. Postal Service, we strongly recommend sending your ballot via an expedited service that you can track, such as Fed Ex, UPS, DHL, etc.

  • Send your completed ballot to: 

Boy Scouts of America Ballot Processing
c/o Omni Agent Solutions
5955 De Soto Avenue, Suite 100
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

We hope that we have helped alleviate any confusion with the voting process via the instructions above and the attached documentation. However, if you have any questions along the way, please do one or both of the following…

  • Attend the Open Zoom Meeting at 7 p.m. next Monday (Dec. 6)

    • Click here to register. (If you had already registered for the postponed Nov. 29 meeting, that link will allow you access to the Dec. 6 event)

  • Send an email to

Thanks again for your continued patience and partnership in this matter.