The Incarnation - Pt. 3 ©

In this week’s teaching on a key doctrinal element at the core of the Christian faith known as The Incarnation, I build on the previous two lessons “The Incarnation (week one) and “Something Different, Something Deeper” (week two) and take us into why the issue of the Incarnation as it was wrestled with by the early Christian movement is so central and critical to the proclamation of the Gospel as well as for the foundation of those who seek to be Christ followers.
In the video below, one I’ve subtitled Councils and Controversies, we will discover together why the Incarnation is the keystone of the Arch of Faith; the important role of the early church councils; why heresy matters and much more.

While this series is designed for pastors preparing for Advent & Christmas sermons and laity who may be leading Sunday School class or small group studies during Advent, I believe it is also a nice study for those who wish to engage in some personal reflection and learning. Some of the topics we’ll get into as we go include the meaning of The Incarnation; why, how and what it means for us today; the councils and controversies surrounding The Incarnation and much more. I hope you’ll join me as we take a deeper dive into The Incarnation as we lead into the season of Advent.
The final episode in this four-part series will “drop” at 7 p.m., Nov. 19.