The Incarnation - Pt. 2 ©

Last week (Oct. 29), I began a four-part teaching series on The Incarnation - a key doctrinal element at the core of the Christian faith. This followed a live four-session teaching series entitled “Sin and Salvation.” that debuted earlier this fall; (If you missed any of those episodes, you can view and/or download them at  The Sin and Salvation series was done out of a conviction that we need to recover a deep sense of our separation from God (sin) and the good news of salvation in Christ. This Incarnation series builds on that foundation and is available here on my blog, on the conference Facebook page ( and on the conference website at

I've titled this episode of The Incarnation series "Something Different, Something Deeper" in order to highlight and attempt to dissect the "Why" and "How" the Incarnation (which translates as In-flesh-ment) is such a unique conviction of Christianity. The truth is that God came to us, and I hope you join me as we attempt to unravel this mystery a bit together.


While this series is designed for pastors preparing for Advent & Christmas sermons and laity who may be leading Sunday School class or small group studies during Advent, I believe it is also a nice study for those who wish to engage in some personal reflection and learning. Some of the topics we’ll get into as we go include the meaning of The Incarnation; why, how and what it means for us today; the councils and controversies surrounding The Incarnation and much more. I hope you’ll join me as we take a deeper dive into The Incarnation as we lead into the season of Advent.

A new episode will “drop” each Tuesday night at 7 p.m. through Nov. 19.