According to Your Word! (A Message for Advent) ©

In his annual – and final – Advent message to the Central Texas Conference, Bishop Lowry focuses on the witness and example of who New Testament scholars regard as “the first and the ideal disciple” – Mary, the mother of Jesus. In his message, Bishop Lowry recognizes several similarities between the world Mary knew and our own circumstances. In his video message, Bishop Lowry states…

“Consider the world Mary knows. It is terrorized by war and conflict. It is governed by the greed of the rich. It is parched by spiritual rigidity. It is haunted by poverty. It is stalked by the harsh social norms that denigrate outcasts like her. It is a world not too dissimilar from ours.
“Consider the world we know. Covid 19 still rages across our world. Conflicts in both the private and public sphere squeeze civility out of our social relationships. The scalding rants of the angry pollutes public discourse. Images of violence surround us. Joblessness and poverty are an ever-present concern.
“We must face the truth that for many entering Advent is a time of pain. There are a thousand reasons, many common and yet all unique to us individually, that often make this season of Advent a time of painful waiting. Yet is here now, behind the curtain of life, that God is most at work.
“In such a time as this Mary’s response is the essence of faithful discipleship. She is seeking the way of the Lord. The incredible majestic saving work of God pours through a live flesh and blood woman, a teenager at that! Despite her youth, despite her fear, Mary listens to the Holy Spirit and responds with the very essence of faithfulness. Let it be for us, according to your Word, O Lord.”

Please view Bishop Lowry’s 2021 Advent message in its entirety below. To download and share the video, go to the CTC Vimeo page.