A Call for Calm, Peace & Discernment during & after GC19 ©

As a long day wound to its end on the eve of the Special Called General Conference 2019, Bishop Lowry stepped away from his busy episcopal schedule of meetings and trainings to record a quick video message to the people of the Central Texas Conference. In the video message, Bishop Lowry calls on all to have an attitude of peace and calm during and following the General Conference proceedings. He asked that we treat each other as the beloved sisters and brothers in Christ that we are and to do all you can to avoid the temptation to demonize those with whom you disagree.

He also is calling for a 30-day period of prayerful discernment following the conclusion of General Conference 2019. No matter what actions are or are not taken by GC19, a 30-day period of calm, prayer discernment and Holy Conversations should be observed before any actions are taken or public responses are made by the local churches and members of the CTC.

Please pardon the quality of the following video. Technical difficulties with the camera's viewfinder resulted in the soft focus. These issues have been corrected.