Texas Bishops Invite All to Write to Reunite ©

Dear Friends, my fellow bishops of Texas and I took a few moments away from our duties during this week’s 2018 South Central Jurisdiction Bishop’s Week to reiterate and reinforce our collective call for compassion and care for and the reuniting of immigrant children and their parents via a brief, easy-to-share video message that introduces and promotes the #WriteToReunite letter writing campaign. In the video, Bishops Scott Jones (Texas Conference), Mike McKee (North Texas Conference), Robert Schnase (Rio Texas Conference) and I offer a few brief comments on the ongoing immigration situation and invite you to join us in a letter writing campaign. Bishop Bledsoe (Northwest Texas) is not featured on the video as he was not able to attend Bishop’s Week due to a medical condition that does not allow him to travel at the moment. There is also information on how to access resources to assist in the letter writing campaign found on our recently released website WriteToReunite.org. I commend this video to you for viewing and sharing as you are able. You can view the video below and at ctcumc.org/writetoreunite-video.
  Also, back in May I was honored to join David Watson, Scott Kisker and Maggie Elmer for a fun, lively and insightful discussion as part of the Plain Truth: A Holy-Spirited Podcast series. During our time together, we talked about the state of the church, the joys and challenges of being a bishop in the United Methodist Church and theological education. You can find this episode at plaintruth.libsyn.com/website/bishop-mike-lowry or click on the player below. I hope you enjoy listening to it at least half as much as I did recording it.