Immigration and the CTC

Members and Friends of the Central Texas Conference: On June 13, the Central Texas Annual Conference overwhelmingly passed a resolution condemning the current U.S. "zero tolerance" policy on immigration's practice of separating children from their families. I wish to strongly lend my agreement to this action taken by Conference as a whole. Consistent with the intent of the resolution, I have sent a personal letter (via email and snail mail), which includes a copy of the resolution to President Trump, Vice-President Pence, and Speaker Paul Ryan, as well as the U.S. Senators from Texas and the U.S. Representatives the serve the districts within our annual conference (via email only). In that letter, I highlighted that the CTC laity and clergy have joined with our Christian sisters and brothers from across the nation in indicating a deep desire that the practices of separating children from parents cease. I also ardently added my personal voice in agreement with this resolution and reminded our elected leaders in D.C. that the Christian faith has long held an understanding that the relationship between parent and child(ren) is a part of God's creative order, and, as such, it is both sacred and blessed by the Lord. As faithful Christians,  I am asking you to prayerfully consider taking action yourself  by contacting the elected officials that represent you and requesting that a change be made to this policy that is immoral and in conflict with Christian values. While I recognize the need for proper border security, this is not the way to go about such security. Furthermore, partisan bickering on such an issue is beneath us as a people, who are ourselves (with the exception of our Native American brothers and sisters) immigrants. For more context, you may also follow this link to a statement from the Council of Bishops of The United Methodist Church along with faith leaders from diverse denominations and religious traditions from all across the U.S. While The President of the Council of Bishops, Bishop Ken Carter, signed on behalf of the COB, please know my strong support and appreciation of the statement. I strongly urge your attention to it and your reading of it.  Yours in Christ, Bishop Mike Lowry