Acting Boldly - A New Video Bible Study Series from Bishop Lowry

The following is a Guest Post by Vance Morton - Director of Communications for the Central Texas Conference The days in which “the church” has a favored status in society are over. The time of “Casual Christianity” is no more. This is now a time for boldness and action. As such, the teachings found in the Acts of the Apostles are more vital to our life as a church today than ever. The lessons from Acts serve to remind that the  church doesn’t exist for itself, but that we exist to be witnesses of the Risen Savior moving in our midst. There is nothing passive in these teachings, rather bold conviction, faith and action. Any church that wishes to be faithful, must reach out with grace and clarity and compassion to a world that often rejects it. It is in this spirit the Bishop Lowry offers his new video Bible Study ACTING BOLDLY - How the Acts of the Apostles Can Guide Today's Church Through the Wilderness. This video Bible study offers practical insights on how the Church can remain faithful to its mission in an age of frenzied change. We live in chaotic times, and in these times of change and chaos, the Book of Acts speaks to local churches with powerful examples and instructions on how we as the church and individuals of faith can gracefully and boldly step into today's world and remain fully faithful to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Acts of the Apostles (often called the Fifth Gospel) provide a teaching that is central to our life as a church today – so too do the actions and teachings of the leaders of the early Methodist movement, most of which were greatly influenced by the Acts of the Apostles. This study is designed to be a deep Bible study that is intended to take class discussions and considerations into uncharted territory – the wilderness if you will. Part One is now available for download, with parts 2-5 expected by Monday, Feb. 19. DVDs of the entire series are available by request for a small shipping charge. In this first of five videos in the ACTING BOLDLY study series, Bishop Lowry shares tried, true and tested ways of reaching out to a bruised and battered world. This session focuses on Chapter 1 of the Book of Acts and provides insights on how The Bible instructs us as a church and a people of faith to step into the chaotic changing world of our day in ways that are fully faithful to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Please visit to learn more and access the videos and study guides for each lesson.