September 8th through 11th the Cabinet of the Central Texas Conference gathered for our annual fall retreat.  This is a yearly retreat wherein we re-gather, having been out for summer vacation trips and other activities.  As a part of this event we review, update and again covenant together.  Below is the Covenant with commit to/with each other for our collective ministry of energizing and equipping local churches to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Central Texas Conference Cabinet Covenant September 10, 2013

1.   We will make the mission of the Church (to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world) the first priority in everything we do. 2.   We recognize as a cabinet we are to be co-leaders of the vision, resource leadership development and deployment, lead/model spiritual formation, and resource and support Bishop Lowry. 3.  We will conduct our work in ways that fulfill the mission, vision and core strategies of the Central Texas Conference. Committed to doing our best to live into the spirit of the Exodus Project. 4.  We are first and foremost Conference Leaders (Superintendents, Lay Leader and Executive Directors).What is best for the whole of the conference takes precedence over what is best for our individual districts/centers. 5.  We affirm that in appointment-making our clients are: First, God-The Kingdom of God; Second, The Mission Field; Third, Congregations; and Fourth, Clergy. In this order! 6.  We will maintain confidentiality in appropriate ways. 7.  We will feel free to conduct appropriate conversations with members of the Cabinet or Task Groups of the Cabinet, but all appointive decision-making will occur with the whole Cabinet. 8.  We will be honest and vulnerable with each other in our discussions, including sharing our questions, concerns, frustrations and failures. 9.  We will encourage healthy discussion and not shy away from conflicts about ideas, strategies and issues because we believe it will result in better outcomes. 10.  We will hold each other accountable for our mission, responsibilities and assignments. 11.  We will keep talking until there is clarity about issues and decisions. Once a decision has been made, everyone will support it. 12.  We affirm that Bishop Lowry has clarified with us that we likely will not leave the cabinet at the same compensation or appointment level we currently have as cabinet members.
Signature: Bishop/District Superintendent/Executive Directors of Centers/Conference Lay Leader