COME HOLY SPIRIT -- Report from Taize 2

I came to Taize immersed in appointment making, preparations for Annual Conference, and the numbing administrative burdens of the office of bishop.  Mind you, I love what I do and I firmly believe God has called me to this place.  I am further convinced that no matter what someone's job is (paid or unpaid), life can wear a person down.  For me a part of the wearing down lies in the struggle to build up the church even as the tsunami of secularism sweeps over the western world.  Kermit the Frog would say "it’s not easy being green!"  I'll say, it’s not easy being Christian and especially being a Christian pastor in this day and time! It took me a couple of days of being at Taize to detox enough so that I could attune myself to the Spirit's speaking.  Wednesday evening as we sang, the Holy Spirit spoke to me.  In German we sang, "With you there is help and patience."  In Latin, "it is good to hope and trust in The Lord."   The music wound itself softly through languages I couldn't even identify yet became strangely clear.  God in Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit was calling me back to faithfulness as attentive trust in The Lord.  Amazingly (providentially!), the only song we sang in English held the verse, "See I am near. ... See, I make all things new." The Spirit conveyed to me that God in this time of radical change is making all things new in and through the Church.  These are not our last days.  Nor is this a time of despair.  Through the Holy Spirit, The Lord is shaping the church in a new way.  It is scary, at times even terrifying.  The way is often unclear and the Back to Egypt Committee has strong institutional standing.  Yet in it all the Holy Spirit is at work.  Bonum est condidere.  "It is good to hope and trust in The Lord."