The Impact of Glen Lake

One of the truly great and impactful ministries of the Central Texas Conference is Glen Lake Camp (along with Stillwater Lodge). Two events have recently transpired that reinforce the crucial high impact ministry of Glen Lake Camp. First, last Sunday we announce a change in appointment for the Director of Glen Lake Camp & Stillwater Lodge. Rev. Kay Hawkins has done an outstanding job in leading Glen Lake. Through her ministry she has blessed the entire Central Texas Conference. And yet, for a variety of important reasons, she will be moved to First UMC Burleson as the Senior Pastor. This was a tough decision for us as a Cabinet. With her move, I am delighted to share what was made public Sunday. We are following high quality with high quality at Glen Lake. Rev. Travis Franklin, Senior Pastor of Salado UMC will become the new Director of Glen Lake Camp and Stillwater Lodge. The willingness of both of them to serve in these new capacities will enhance our collective mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world! I thank God for both of them! Second, a friend passed along a blog by Sam Breen (who is part of a cutting edge mission movement called 3DM) about the high impact of Camps on his life. He writers in part: “Camps are important. They have a massive impact in the development of a person, regardless of whether or not the camp has a spiritual aspect. At camp, teenagers are able to pursue independence in a safe environment. The insecure find their self-esteem, lifelong friendships are made, dreams and goals are shaped. The realization occurs that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. Students stand in a room with hundreds of other kids and realize that their life can collide with the lives of others to create life-altering moments. On top of this, the spiritual element to camp can make a difference that might change lives forever. Sometimes people are so close to choosing to follow Jesus that all it takes is being away from the normality of the everyday to shake up their world enough to choose Christ. Camp is a pilgrimage, an experience some youth may not find anywhere else. They arrive and discover that they are in a room with hundreds of other students there for the same reason — to experience Jesus afresh. That kind of expectancy can do incredible things in the spiritual realm. It’s not surprise to me that at camps, God seems to “show up” more. When there are that many people in a room, with people standing side by side, almost everyone’s faith grows.” ( To which I add a hearty amen! It may surprise the reader to learn that I was briefly a camp director for the Hartford County YMCA in Woodstock, Connecticut before I went into ordained ministry. I saw such work then and now as a great ministry. In a matter of a few weeks lives are transformed and grown in ways that deeply impact a person faith and values for the rest of their life. Glen Lake is a godly ministry worthy of our ardent prayers and passionate support.