A Great Bible for Children

As I travel about the Central Texas Conference (St. Philips, Frost/Italy this past month, Chatfield last Sunday and St. Andrews, Arlington coming up in October – I’ll be visiting seminaries next week), I have the joy of coming into contact with young children and some exciting Sunday classes.  A common experience is the presentation of a Bible by a church to its third grade children.  I made such presentations every year as a pastor and still have the one I was given as a third grader. Recently I got a copy of a new children’s Bible using the CEB (Common English Bible) translation.  It is called Deep Blue Kids Bible.   I recommend it highly!  It is an exciting way to help grade-school aged kids (targeted for ages 8 to 12) engage in learning the Holy Scriptures.  Not only is it a superb and superbly readable translation, it is designed in an interactive way for kids.  There are notes, trivia, and devotionals.  The readers (young and/or old) join with three “life-like” kids in investigating the Scriptures and discovering what biblical application can mean in their lives. Currently Cokesbury has Deep Blue Kids Bible on sale.  I enthusiastically recommend it for our children and grandchildren!