Minor Disappointment and Great Celebration

This weekend Jolynn & I have experienced the joy of visiting our daughter and son-in-law in the Washington, D.C. area. Saturday I watched the University of Georgia vs. South Carolina football game. It was a disappointment – major for my son-in-law a “bulldog” born, bred and two degrees -- a minor disappointment for me, cheering as a supporter more of my son-in-law than the team. (South Carolina won in a blowout.) Sometimes life is like that. We cheer for friends and loved ones but aren’t really invested on a personal or deeply emotional level. In other situations we are deeply invested. Today, we worshiped with Sarah & Steven at Mt. Olivet United Methodist Church in Arlington, Virginia. (They are members of Mt. Olivet UMC.) The service was a true joy and celebration. There was excellent music, a great sermon, fine fellowship, etc. But, the great celebration was the celebration of World Wide Communion Sunday. As Christians we have a deep investment in the world wide nature of the church. The church does not belong to us as individuals or as a congregation or as a nation. There is a breadth and reach that is literally world-spanning and figuratively awesome. Locked into local issues, I find that I need to be reminded of this truth. The Associate Pastor of Mt. Olivet, Rev. Chenda Lee, was living reminder. She is from Liberia (in fact her father is the UM Bishop of Liberia). As we took communion I was blessed to share again in the holy meal with Christians around the world. I hope and pray that you were as well.