One of our vital strategic objectives is to develop a new generation of leadership.  As the “baby boomer” pastors & lay leadership retire this becomes increasingly critical.  We must be focused on forming and developing a generation of young disciples and leaders for the 21st century.  As an integral part of that process, I will be a part of leadership team leading a pilgrimage of young adults to Taizé, France, in May 2013, to expose them to the deep spirituality and justice orientation of the Taizé community.  The intent of the pilgrimage will be to develop the personal spirituality and the leadership capabilities of the young adults through prayer, reflection, community, and instruction. Our partner in this venture is the Missional Wisdom Foundation.  The Missional Wisdom Foundation is a private non-profit corporation that supports the education and Christian development of adults through service and new monasticism. The Foundation makes it possible for students and others engaged in ministry to live in community and to explore Christian service by providing financial, asset management and administrative services. The Missional Wisdom Foundation is a private corporation and is an approved extension ministry of the United Methodist Church. The pilgrimage will be open to young adults from the Central Texas Conference between the ages of 17 and 30.  They will be selected through an application process that will be administered by the Conference Pilgrimage Leadership Team. The application is on-line at www.missionalwisdom.com.  Approximately 20 participants will be selected.  The Selection Committee will endeavor to choose a diverse group of participants, considering geographic location, gender, and ethnicity in the selection of qualified candidates. Each participant will be responsible for contributing $500 toward the cost of the trip, either individually or through the local church.  The remainder of the trip cost will be underwritten by the Missional Wisdom Foundation.  No conference funds will be used for this trip. The Conference Pilgrimage Leadership Team includes myself, Rev. Larry Duggins  (Director, Missional Wisdom Foundation; Associate Pastor, White’s Chapel UMC; Trip Leader), Rev. Kyland Dobbins (Center for Mission Support), and Leanne Johnston (Center for Evangelism and Church Growth). I am excited about this incredible opportunity for learning and spiritual formation.  While space is limited, I invite those who are eligible to prayerful consider applying by following the link to the Missional Wisdom Foundation and the pilgrimage tab on their page.