Emerging from the Bubble and Coming Home

Last week it felt like we were living in a Methodist bubble during Jurisdictional Conference.  Our attention was focused on the election of three new bishops, hard decisions about the future of the church, and where bishops would be assigned.  Jolynn and I could not help but be concerned about whether or not we would be returned to Central Texas. Friday was a night of rejoicing!  Not only was Bishop Mike McKee elected but we learned that we would be coming home, back to Fort Worth and our beloved Central Texas Conference.  Saturday morning the Central Texas Conference delegation held a celebration breakfast.  We cheered Bishop McKee’s assignment to the North Texas Conference and they wonderfully welcomed us home.  This was our personal high point for it is with much thanksgiving and praise to God that Jolynn and I return to the work we’ve begun with the good, good people of the Central Texas Conference. The home coming is an emerging from the Methodist bubble.  News of the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado drew us to prayer and reminded us of how desperately the world needs the gospel of God’s grace and love in Christ through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.  The church of Jesus Christ, the body of Christ, lives and breathes in mission and ministry to this bruised and bleeding world.  It is to this great task that we best turn our attention and offer our most ardent efforts of love lived out in Christ.