The words lay sterile on the page in the little read Book of Resolutions: "The United Methodist Church believes God's love is an active and engaged love, a love seeking justice and liberty.  We cannot be just observers.  So we care enough about people's lives to risk interpreting God's love, to take a stand, to call each of us into a response, no matter how controversial or complex" (pg. 27). Behind the seeming academic dryness lies the active engaging godly love exemplified by CTCYM (Central Texas Conference Youth in Mission). Monday I worked as a part of Team 1 building a ramp. Tuesday morning left CTCYM for two days of a national meeting on building vital congregations in the United Methodist Church held at Garrett-Evangelical Seminary just outside Chicago.  When I returned the initial ramp was finished!  Joining up with Team 4, another ramp much longer in size at a second location was nearing completion.  (The home owner is in a rehabilitation hospital and one of the medical conditions for coming home is a wheel chair ramp.). The team leaders had to make the youth quit on time.  They (the Youth) wanted to work straight through closing time. There are numerous reasons for such dedication.  High among them is, I believe, the three way connection between the CTCYMers, the client (person being helped), and God.  Things are ramped up (pun quite intentional) because we are "not just observers" but connected, united.  The trinitarian model is not accidental.  It reflects the reality of God who took flesh, risked and reached out in love, justice and mercy. By the time you read this we will have finished ramp #2! CTCYMers know how to ramp up for the Lord!