Today (Monday, June 11th) finished my first full day at CTCYM (Central Texas Conference Youth Mission).  Our young people are a joy as they come together in mission and service!  We are building a wheel chair ramp for an older couple in great need.  Jennifer & David, the adult leaders of the team are super! This is my first CTCYM but hardly my first mission trip.  I've been on trips of mission and service to places as diverse as the Texas Gulf Coast, Appalachia, and Guatemala. On one level this mission, as with the others, is exciting; on another level it is just hot hard work (my back aches tonight! -- the ravages of aging my wife tells me -- I told her that it couldn't be me!).  Today as a part of our time we studied I John 4 & the famous passage that "God is love.". I was struck again that deep love is tangible and engaging.  It is ethereal and vague but has a concreteness that reflects God's love for us in Christ. It strikes me that a significant element of the power & impact of CTCYM is this mixing of practical engagement and biblical reflection.  This is good godly learning with a lot of fun & fellowship  supporting it.  I am blessed to share with these disciples.