Well Done

This year we have continued our special emphasis on the Focus Area - Imagine No Malaria (INM).  Nothing But Nets was step one in this mission, and last year we expanded our efforts to INM.  We asked congregations to engage in special giving to this incredibly important mission emphasis. Our (the entire United Methodists Church’s) audacious goal is to, in the name of the Great Physician Jesus Christ, eliminate malaria.  Well done Central Texas Conference!  To date the following financial support has been received by the Conference. Imagine No Malaria 2010                                        $110,300.41 2011(to date)                         $112,903.70                                                  $223,204.11 We will continue to be engaged in Imagine No Malaria as one of the four focus areas for ministry in the United Methodist Church. [The others are: 1) new places for new people – new church development and the transformation of existing congregations; 2) Combating poverty in ministry with the poor; and 3) Leadership Development.]  Together we are making a difference in the transformation of the world as we live the prayer “on earth as it is in heaven.”  Well done, thou good and faithful people!