Time in Jail

I remember reading of a young mother who was so busy with work, home and kids (not to mention husband) that she commented, “Right now an hour spent in the dentist’s chair feels like a vacation!”  It hasn’t quite been quite that bad for me, but the fall has been hectic (and will remain so through to mid-December).  This weekend I am spending my time in jail.  It feels like a vacation from travel and meetings!  I have the privilege to serve with a number of other Central Texas Conference clergy and lay people on a Kairos Team serving the Boyd Unit.  I will be in jail with our brothers in Christ who wear white.  I ask that you pray for the team and especially for our brothers on the inside.  Christ died for us all. On another matter, there are two special posting in the “Bishop’s Corner.”  The first is a summary press release reporting on the recent Council of Bishops meeting at Lake Junaluska.  The second is a letter from the Council of Bishops responding to those who have indicated an intention to violate church discipline by presiding over same-sex marriages and those who protest such planned action.  With grace and ministry to all, the bishops of the church are committed to uphold The Discipline of the United Methodist Churchas established by General Conference.  I invite your careful reading of both documents at http://www.ctcumc.org/pages/detail/1694