Learning from Cluster Groups

As we live into the Exodus Project, I remain deeply committed to the Cluster Group concept as a central tool for learning together and moving forward into the new future the Lord is calling us to.  One of the initial learnings has come from Cluster Group #28, the large worship churches.  Using the kind of initiative and insight we want to encourage, they decided on the need for a convener/facilitator/coach.  Independent from their insight, we received similar advice from the Healthy Church Initiative (HCI). The Cabinet is working on how we move forward and apply this learning to cluster groups.  We are currently drafting plans to run some pilot cluster groups that  incorporate facilitation/coaching.  We will be using the HCI model of Pastoral Leadership Development groups, Lay Leadership Developments groups, and Small Church Initiative workshops. Things are in the development stage right now, but we are listening and we are learning – together!