Off to Seattle and Alaska

Tuesday morning, May 31st, I will be flying to Seattle to meet with the new church development team from the Pacific Northwest Conference and then on to Alaska.  While in Alaska, I will present a day long teaching on how the church confronts our new reality and engages in ministry and mission in the new world we find ourselves in and preach the opening worship service for the Alaskan Missionary Conference on Friday.  The theme the Alaska Missionary Conference leaders gave me was Come to the Edge.  I think it significant that their conception is that we engage in ministry “on the edge.”  The term can be taken in multiple senses.  We are on the edge of the unknown.  We are on the edge of new and exciting possibilities.  We are on the edge of our best understanding.  The list could continue but I think the reader can get the drift.  I have entitled my 3 presentations: 1) The Storm-tossed Sea, 2) The Ship Made Ready (An ancient image for the Church was the ship.), and 3) Sailing Beyond the Map. While the context in Alaska is very different from Central Texas, the issues are largely the same.  All of us are moving beyond the edge of our knowledge and trusting ourselves to the unknown by placing ourselves in the hands of a known God.  It is both scary and wonderful!  I am looking forward to learning from them and sharing with them.