The Day After

A good number of years ago, a disaster movie came out about an ocean liner that capsized.  The plot dealt the survivors climbing out of the capsized ship to the light of the new day.  The theme song, “There’s Got to be a Morning After,” highlighted the fight for safety and the dawning of a new day of hope and possibility. Today, the day after the Easter of resurrection glory, I find myself thinking about the day after.  How was it for those first disciples?  Their world had tilted and shifted.  They had lived through a tsunami of emotions.  The one thought dead and defeated had encountered them alive and triumphant.  I find myself smiling and remembering the delightful Avery & Marsh hymn, “Every Moring is Easter Morning.” The hymn closes with the line “from now on!” On reading the morning paper, I could not help but notice that the world seemed little changed.  War still rages.  Hatred, bigotry, violence and want still stalk city streets around the world.  Greed, selfishness, and gluttony still parade unashamedly across the world.  Power, hedonism and consumerism still offer claim to the throne of human life.  And yet, and yet because of Easter it all is different.  Grace triumphant in Christ the Lord reigns.  Every morning is Easter morning from now on!  When I first started writing this blog, I chose to entitle it “This Focused Center.”  The title is based on The Message (a paraphrased translation of the Bible by Eugene Peterson) version of II Corinthians 5:14-15.  “Our firm decision is to work from this focused center: One man died for everyone. That puts everyone in the same boat. He included everyone in his death so that everyone could also be included in his life, a resurrection life, a far better life than people ever lived on their own.”  On this the day after I remind myself, and hopefully the reader, to hold to this focused center – the crucified and risen Christ.  In this battered and bruised world of ours, He – Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior – is our only sure and final hope.  May all our days after, even the bad ones, be glorious reflections of our focused center!