Imagine No Malaria

Currently the Central Texas Conference is engaged in a major emphasis called Imagine No Malaria.  It is a passion for me and (I believe) for us as Christ followers.  Such a great ministry springs from the larger connectional church of which we are a part.  [The United Methodist Church through the leadership of the Council of Bishops has adopted four focus areas for ministry emphasis.  They are: 1) Leadership Development, 2) New Places for New People (New church development and transformation of existing congregations), 3) Ministry with the Poor and 4) Eradication of Killer Diseases (in particular Malaria and HIV/AIDS).] Jolynn and I have made a personal commitment to give to Imagine No Malaria (in fact our Christmas gift to the CTC Cabinet was given to Imagine No Malaria in honor of the Extended Cabinet).  All across the Conference, gatherings are being held to brainstorm on how we might engage in the fight against this killer disease.  Recently one of our pastors shared his commitment.  Through his District Superintendent I learned about his sharing.  I contacted him and asked if I in turn could share it with the reader.  He indicated I could if I thought it would help in the fight against malaria.  Mary and I have been praying about the Imagine No Malaria campaign and the challenge. I know the goal is $28 a month for three years to be able to raise a total of $1,000. We would like to let you know that we have three grandsons whom we love very much who will probably never face the possibility of contracting malaria. My son and his wife, their parents, will never have to worry about losing these boys because they don’t have access to the proper drugs. So, in honor of Zach, Nate and Evan Strayhorn we will be pledging the equivalent of 3 nets a month ($30) for the next three years in support of Imagine No Malaria.  I’m both proud of and excited by what the United Methodist Church and our partners in Nothing But Nets have already accomplished toward eradicating this killer disease. Deaths due to malaria have gone down by 10%. We have a long way to go, but I truly believe that this is a time when we can make a huge impact on lives and families while making a great witness to the world in the name of Jesus. Please use me in any way you see fit.  Grace and Peace,  Billy D Strayhorn  Join the battle!  I too truly believe we can make a “huge impact on lives and families while making a great witness to the world in the name of Jesus.”