Missional Faithfulness

Today at Cabinet meeting we went over Conference financial reports for 2010.  There is a part of us that makes a nod and moves on to such reports.  Numbers can be numbing (pun intended).  Yet … often our numbers represent missional faithfulness. Some data is illuminating.  Gulp, we did not pay our general church apportionments in full for only the second time in the last 12 years. (The last time was 2005.)  Our payout rate was 93.13% to the general church.  I want to express my appreciation for the faithfulness of so many churches and add encouragement to those reaching towards a higher missional faithfulness. Other missional giving continues at a high degree of faithfulness.  The number one response of missional faithfulness was the giving of $289,295.79 to emergency relief in Haiti.  This is a tremendous response!  So too is the $110,150.41 given to Imagine No Malaria.  In the weeks and months ahead we will move forward as a Conference to engage Imagine No Malaria to an even greater degree.  $26, 965.20 was designated for the Methodist Children’s Home in Waco. $18,550 was given to support the greatly needed Central Conference Pension Initiative.  Overall, the Central Texas Conference gave a total of $834,018.86 to support Advanced Specials and various other special mission projects.  This is tremendous continuing evidence of Missional Faithfulness.  Well done, thou good and faithful servants!