God at Work

Last Saturday I got to see God at work.  Oh don’t get me wrong.  I know that we all see God at work daily in the sunrise, the love of family and friends, the promptings of the Holy Spirit, etc.  But Saturday I got to see God at work in a special way.             I had the privilege of joining Pastor Frank Briggs and the good folks at Lighthouse Fellowship UMC for their “Great Day of Baptism.”  We gathered at the home of some church members who live on Lake Worth.  Frank and the rest of the pastors and staff at Lighthouse had engaged in teaching on baptism and sharing the sacrament’s meaning and purpose prior to the event.  After singing and prayer, we (four ordained clergy) waded out in to the water; and one by one Rev. Bobby Cullen introduced those who desired to be baptized.  Pastor Briggs asked the questions of faith and then we baptized people.             It was glorious.  We baptized adults that came out of the water choking back tears.  We baptized babies and children of all ages.  People clapped and cheered on shore.  After we were done with the baptism we invited those who wished to reaffirm their baptismal vows to do so.  (We were careful to faithfully observe the biblical injunction of one baptism -  Ephesians 4:5.  There were no “re-baptisms”!)  I found myself moved by the Lord and by the good people of Lighthouse as the Spirit danced on and in the water!              Looking back, I think again to myself that I came into ministry for actions such as this.  Watching God transform a human life with love is an incredibly beautiful thing!  Truly, the dwelling place of God is among us.  (Revelation 21:3)