A Covenant for Presiding at General Conference 2019 for the United Methodist Bishops

  1. I understand that offering myself as a potential presider is a sacred trust given to me in my consecration and as an expression of the specific responsibilities of Bishops outlined in Section IV, paragraphs 414 and 415 of the 2016 United Methodist Book of Discipline.
  2. I understand that as a presider I must employ a deep sense of humility in my approach to presiding as well as the manner in which I conduct myself if asked to assume this responsibility.
  3. I will make every attempt to preside with impartiality no matter the cause or decision.
  4. I covenant to be a part of a group of potential presiders who are committed to developing a common strategy/approach among all presiders.
  5. I will be committed to a group strategy around the ways we as a team can assist the body in their discernment and discussion so that they can do their work well and make the best decision possible.
  6. I agree to work with my colleagues to develop a common understanding of “in harmony” petitions regardless of the cause I personally promote.
  7. I commit myself to unity as a part of our consecration vows rather than polarization and disunity among the body.
  8. I covenant to maintaining a spirit of confidentiality in the matters discussed and strategies determined in our training sessions.
  9. I am committed to creating a non-anxious presence in my leadership as well as a devoted posture of prayer for my colleagues while they are presiding and in the days leading up to the session of the General Conference.