An Impossible Situation


Grant Palma, Associate Pastor

FUMC Grapevine

East District


My favorite little gem of a story in the Old Testament is Jeremiah 32 where God calls the prophet to buy a field to demonstrate God’s desire for the people of Israel to be blessed. This does not sound exciting or interesting until you read that Jeremiah was imprisoned, and the Babylonian army was marching toward Jerusalem. We often gloss over the strange and unusual nature of the events in the Bible because it was a different time and place, but consider for a moment the absurdity of this situation. Despite being on the wrong side of the law and the invading forces just down the road, Jeremiah goes through the trouble to actually send money, get witnesses and a bill of sale, and save the deed in a clay pot. God called Jeremiah to purchase this property as a sign of God’s promise that good things will happen to the people of Israel, despite the impending Babylonian invasion. As crazy as this sounds, the impossibility of the situation is not unique in the scriptures. Abraham was told to get up and go to a foreign land at an old age; Noah built the ark; Mary faithfully said yes to the angel; the disciples left their day jobs to follow Jesus; and, Paul traveled the world, risking his life to start small churches. From cover to cover, the Bible tells stories of individuals called to serve in ways that seemed absurd, but God used their faithfulness to work in powerful ways.


Sometimes, we feel like we are up against impossible situations. The covid-19 pandemic and the aftershock of politically charged conversations and stresses have completely changed the landscape. Everything in life, especially ministry, has felt like running in a swimming pool- it takes a lot of energy to go nowhere. However, now is the time to look beyond our own situations to share the Good News, to invest in what God is calling us to do, and to believe in the work God is already doing in and around us, whether we will see results or not.


Jeremiah did not live to see peace in his home land, but we still read his words and share his story thousands of years later. How is God calling us to be a witness in this time of chaos? How is God calling you to be a part of something big that you can’t yet see?




February 19th, 2021 – Waco, TX – 9:00-3:30